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Asus ZenBook 13 (UX331UAL) Ultrabook Review

Asus is that the latest PC-maker to launch a sub-1kg ultrabook. Its new Asus ZenBook 113 (UX331UAL) weighs 985g, connection the likes of the magnoliopsid genus Swift five and therefore the LG gram fourteen during this exclusive club. Like its rivals, the ZenBook achieves this achievement with a metal alloy chassis. Asus says it's the primary ZenBook to be created with this material rather than the same old Al.

Asus conjointly says that the ZenBook thirteen has passed the MIL-STD-810G military customary for reliableness and sturdiness. However, it ought to be noted that this customary is extremely broad and includes tests for wetness, temperature, mud and shock. It doesn't essentially mean that the ZenBook would survive a drop from a table. On the contrary, my expertise with laptops designed with metal alloy is that they feel softer and area unit less stiff than Al.


For instance, each the lid and therefore the base of the ZenBook flex slightly once pressure is applied. this could appear dire, however metal is simply as sturdy as Al, if no more therefore. Design-wise, the ZenBook appears like most ultrabooks with rounded corners and a sleek profile. The distinctive coaxal circles that adorn the lid of Asus ZenBooks area unit missing on this newer matt version.

However, I like its unostentatious look, tho' the lowest appears to be simply smeared with fingerprints. i prefer that the lid is opened with one hand. The screen itself has the skinny borders one expects of a contemporary portable computer, tho' the highest edge is thick enough to suit an online camera. The in-plane switch show appearance sensible even from the perimeters, whereas its one,920 x 1,080-pixel screen resolution is typical of a thirteen.3-inch model. it's conjointly not a touchscreen, that helps to shave many grams off its weight.

Its touchpad is comparatively massive, that is nice since it supports Windows gestures like swiping with 3 fingers to modify apps or show the desktop. however I did notice it slightly too sleek - it verges on slippery, that took American state a short while to adapt to. i'm happy that it's a fingerprint device, having gotten accustomed it on my smartphone. it's therefore convenient to not need to kind my prolonged parole to log in.

Given its slim dimensions, the ZenBook unsurprisingly has few ports. It will have the vital ones, like AN HDMI output likewise as 2 life-sized USB ports. It even incorporates a single USB Type-C port, tho' it doesn't support the quick Thunderbolt three customary. With a 512GB solid-state drive (SSD), it ought to in all probability take users a while to run out of cupboard space. during which case, the ZenBook incorporates a microSD card reader for supplementary storage.

The SSD uses the PCIe interface that has quicker transfer speeds than the same old Sata interface. it's in all probability why the ZenBook, despite its mid-tier Intel Core i5 chip, manages to trounce the LG gram fifteen - with a additional powerful Intel Core i7 processor - in my testing. The ZenBook scores three,566 within the PCMark ten benchmark compared with the LG ultrabook's three,346.

Its battery life is additionally terribly spectacular. Asus equipped the ZenBook with a reasonably massive fifty energy unit battery. the top result: a nine-hour time period in our video-loop battery check. At $1,698, the ZenBook is cheaper than most premium ultrabooks despite having similar options and performance.